Full Time Student / Family Life Pastor (Jena, Louisiana)

Are you looking for a united, missional, Spirit-filled church with a visionary team of driven leaders? Sanctuary Family Worship Center is hiring a full-time salaried Student Pastor to oversee the discipleship of students (3-18yrs) in LaSalle Parish, Louisiana.

About Our Church:

Sanctuary is an interdenominational, Spirit-filled church in network with the Louisiana Assemblies of God. We are located in Jena, a small town in central Louisiana within a parish of 15,000 residents. The community is safe, clean, conservative, friendly, southern in culture, with many who enjoy hunting, fishing, baseball, and football. Our church is contemporary in worship, casual in dress, multi-generational, missional and highly involved in our community and schools. Our vision is to be a Holy Spirit hospital to the broken, accepting all people in grace, demonstrating Christ’s love, and speaking God’s Truth to them. We pastor over 150 members monthly, including an average of 35 youth and 25 kids.

We are seeking a hardworking, motivated, and teachable candidate who will partner with our Lead Pastor’s vision and a unified Leadership Team to reach our parish for Christ. 

Job Description:

Candidate will be the primary preaching pastor to a Youth Group (12-18yrs) consisting of 25-35 students weekly, with a youth team of 4-6 adults. The Student Pastor will assist in administrating a Kids Team of +12 volunteer leaders who rotate weekly. The Student Pastor will work closely alongside the Lead Pastor to fulfill the corporate church vision, assisting on Sundays in worship and in a variety of weekly and annual projects. Candidates should feel comfortable relating to the culture of central Louisiana, which is warm in hospitality, long-term in relationship, small-town in activity, southern in food, and rural in hobbies. Email us for a full description and questionnaire (for serious candidates only please). 

General Requirements

  • Must demonstrate a God-given calling and gifting for student ministry
  • Must be credentialed with the General Council of the Assemblies of God
  • Must provide at least two positive pastoral/ministry references
  • Must be able to preach and communicate in methods that relate to and reach students
  • Must be committed to daily prayer, growing in the Spirit, and continued study
  • Must be teachable, willing to honestly communicate, and work in unity with other leaders 
  • Must be able to handle conflict wisely and peaceably  
  • Must be a motivated self-starter
  • Must be able to clearly plan, coordinate, and promote events in the church and community 
  • Must be willing to engage and mentor students weekly
  • Must be able to seek the Lord for creative and strategic ways to reach students/families 
  • Must be able to relate to students in the unique context and environment of a rural, smalltown setting.
  • Must be willing to build long-term relationships with school faculty and maintain a positive reputation throughout the community.  


What to Expect Working with our Lead Pastor

  • Personal
    • Maintain a personal routine of daily Bible study, prayer, continuing education, and rest.
    • Support and promote the vision, mission, and values of the corporate church
    • Keep open and regular communication with the Lead Pastor in areas of personal and ministry growth
    • Preach/teach in the corporate church as needed
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.
  • Administrative
    • Attend weekly staff meetings and monthly leadership team meetings
    • Assist in unlocking, setting up, and locking facilities
    • Create and keep an updated student data base (through Elvanto Church Management)
    • Create, oversee and maintain a student ministry budget and calendar
    • Facilitate yearly parent meetings and mail quarterly Parent Newsletters
    • Recruit and train qualified adult leaders to assist in the discipleship of kids and youth
    • Minister through safe policies for students such as background checks, permission slips, etc
  • Vision & Mission
    • Implement a strategy with the Lead Pastor that helps transition students from kid’s ministry, to youth ministry, to adult ministries (0-18).
    • Lead a youth ministry that includes: youth worship services, small group Bible studies, monthly and yearly events.
    • Administrate a multi-leveled Kids Team that includes rotates weekly for services, mid-week studies, and annual events (curriculum is provided through TruFire)
  • Teach & Preach
    • Be the primary teacher/preacher of the weekly Youth Ministry
    • Messages should be Bible-based, Spirit-inspired, thoroughly studied, organized, relevant to the audience, and lead to Christ-like transformation. When applicable they should use visual aids, illustrations, props, and/or media.
  • Evangelize
    • Discover open doors for networking and reaching students in the community and schools
    • Facilitate yearly local and foreign missions’ projects and giving (BGMC and STL).
  • Disciple
    • Meet with, text, and follow-up with students weekly
    • Regularly evaluate the spiritual growth of each student in connection with their parents
    • Create opportunities where called-youth receive experience in preaching and teaching others
    • Provide fun opportunities for the growth of student’s gifts through worship, dramas, skits, etc.
  • Fellowship
    • Plan and organize monthly fun events, kids lock-ins, yearly camps, retreats, or conventions in coordination with the church calendar.

Salary & Benefits: Full-time, salaried. Pay negotiated with education and experience.

Send resume with references to: pastorheath@sanctuaryfwc.com