START HERE! The Connect Course is a 2 part class, offered Wednesdays 6:30pm that helps you “CONNECT” with who Sanctuary is; “GROW” in the fundamentals of Bible reading, prayer, giving, and the Holy Spirit; “DISCOVER” who God has called you to be; and “GO” do ministry as God has gifted you.

Growth Groups: Adult Bible Studies

Ready to grow as a disciple of Jesus? “Sanctuary’s School of Ministry” offers weekly Bible studies for every level of faith beginning with First Steps, then Discovery, and into various general adult Bible studies. In addition, summer Sunday night electives are given for those wanting to learn more about doctrine, theology, and other Biblical truths. 

Growth Groups begin each Wednesday 6:30pm – 7:30pm 

1. First Steps
2. Discovery Men / Discovery Women
3. Adut Bible Studies:
Kingdom Seekers, Women of the Word, Men of Faith